Solar Eclipse Glasses

Are you prepared for the big space event coming soon? The eclipse is right around the corner, August 21, to be exact.  If you plan on witnessing this event make sure to purchase your NASA approved special glasses. Apparently wearing regular sunglasses can cause damage to your eyes. So keep your retinas in check and buy a pair of the NASA approved eclipse glasses.  Eclipse glasses are a hot topic right now so if you plan on watching the eclipse you might want to act fast! (Here is a tip, check with your local library to see if they are offering free solar eclipse glasses.)


Will you be viewing the total or partial solar eclipse? To find out what part of the eclipse you will be viewing it all depends on your location.  Inside the “path of totality” is the spot to be to see the total eclipse.  This is a 70 mile wide path, that runs from Oregon, across the United States and into South Carolina.  Only portions of 14 states get the luxury of seeing the total eclipse.  Since all of my astronomical experience includes only a few day trips to check out NASA visitors centers, I would suggest following up with NASA’s website, for further details.  However, from what I can gather, is that outside of the 70 mile “path of totality” a partial solar eclipse is still visible. So check out NASA’s detailed map showing exactly when the eclipse will be visible to various parts of the country.

Explaining the eclipse to my 4-year-old took a lot longer than I expected and proved to be harder than I thought, but in the end he was just super excited about the NASA glasses.  The last total solar eclipse was in 1918 so it’s not something you wanna miss! If we get glimpse, I plan on following this blog post up with some of our pictures. Happy viewing!

UPDATE: We enjoyed the solar eclipse and got clear skies! Since we are vacationing in the Boulder area we got up to 92-94% totality. It never got pitch dark but did turn a weird dim orange color.

IMG_0191 2.PNG

Ayres was so excited to see the eclipse start.


Took these shots with my camera through my solar glasses.


View without solar glasses at almost 90% totality. The eclipse is visible in a reflection on the bottom of the picture.



  1. Leah Hall says:

    Love your blog!!! Looking forward to following it!!!

    1. Thank you!!

  2. Carmen says:

    Oh the kids would love to see this! I will definitely need to set a reminder and get glasses 😎🤓

    1. I would aim for today or
      Tomorrow to get the glasses. Most places sold out today and I don’t believe you can order any anymore without paying quite a bit of money. Good luck!

  3. Sherri says:

    I love your blog!

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