My Boys

Before I had children, I always imagined my future with kids would be full of all things pink, sparkles and bows!  I will never forget the shock I felt both times when my doctor said, “it’s a boy”.  Now that I am a boy mom my days consist of all things mud, sports, wrestling, constantly dodging flying objects and the sweetest snuggles ever. My boys may zap my energy, but they also love hard.  I would not have it any other way.

Summer Days 



I love dressing my boys in neon! For two reasons: 1. its their favorite color 2. I can easily spot them. These easy to spot swimsuits are from Gap Kids 2017 swim line but are sadly no longer available.


My boys love their Adirondack chairs!   They enjoy using them for snack time in the sun. Not to mention, it’s always the cutest photo-op so we can hold onto these precious memories. Initially, we did not buy the umbrella . So glad we decided to purchase them! Not only is the look so cute but the added shade is great. The umbrella easily attaches to and from the back of the chair while still remaining sturdy.


One of my favorite purchases is our Yeti cups. We each have our own customized Yeti. The perk of the Yeti is that once you put ice in it, it will stay cold all day.  Not only does it encourage hydration, but it also keeps life simple (which is great with 2 boys!).  This cuts down on the overload of cups during the day, and my kids are so proud of their special Yeti. Mom for the win!