Colorado – Hike to Crystal Lake

Colorado will always be at the top of my travel destination list.  I travel to Colorado a few times a year and it never feels like enough.  If you like nature, staying active, amazing food, fun and new experiences then you should book a trip to Colorado! Skiing the Rocky Mountains during the snow season is so much fun! But it is the summer months that you can get the most of out Colorado’s beauty.

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Our first Rocky Mountain exploration was a visit to Breckenridge to visit Mohawk Trail.  We ended up hiking to Crystal lake, this hike was marked as difficult. Since we were promised an amazing view…challenge accepted. Crystal Lake did not disappoint. Our muscles felt it for two days after the hike but I now have a new happy place. Our 4-year-old had a blast and would do it again.

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Things we packed included: backpack, sack lunches, snacks, diapers and wipes (since I have a 22 month old), picnic blanket, and multiple water bottles. We applied sunscreen prior to the hike and again once we got to the top. The sun is very intense at this altitude. I also wore my fanny pack that I use for my half marathons for my phone and mace. You can never be too prepared for a bear encounter. If you have never hiked in the mountains before, here is a tip: bring a light jacket or pullover to wear at the top.


The moment we made it to Crystal Lake, it literally took our breath away and it wasn’t just because we were at 13,615 feet! The water was the clearest water I have ever seen! This is where we decided to have a picnic and re-hydrate as much as possible. it was quite the refreshing moment before the hike back down. If you are a sentimental person like me then when you pack for the picnic pack a special quilt to sit on for lunch. My mom made my boys a quilt and that’s what we took for our picnic.  Now, that quilt has so much more meaning!  I will always think of our special “top of the mountain” moment when I look at it.

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Our little guy wore himself out and took a nap the entire way down. This is the moment I wished I had a baby carrier built for hiking. Carrying him down the mountain was such a special memory that I will always cherish.

Another perk to Colorado is that after our hike is was easy to head to downtown Breckenridge and have a delicious sit down dinner as a family. Downtown is so pretty with lots of fun shops.

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After our hike, I changed into this comfortable dress from Soma for a cute but cozy look.

We chose a fondue restaurant, downtown Breckenridge called Swiss Haven. The cheese fondue was amazing! The owner came and talked to us and asked us about what flavors we liked and made a suggestion for what we should order. He was spot on! Excellent service!


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    this trip looks amazing! I love your blog its fabulous!!

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    Amazing pictures!! Love Breckinridge!!

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    Beautiful pictures! Colorado never disappoints!! Beautiful!!!

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