Winter Looks with Pops of Pink

pink jacket





I literally never wore cozy or oversized sweaters before I moved to Michigan. But y’all it is beyond frigid here! I mean since living here I received multiple Frostbite Alerts on my phone and even my car.  On a frostbite alert day, you can literally only spend a few minutes outside before putting yourself at risk for frostbite. This is a HUGE change from the southern town I grew up in…where if you get a few flurries everything shuts down.  But, just because you are avoiding frostbite doesn’t mean you can’t dress nice! So if you are freezing like me…here is this, Who What Wear Pick Oversized Ruffle Cowl Neck Sweater .

One of my favorite trends in fashion right now is the over the knee Boots   I was not sure if I would wear them enough so I did not want to spend a lot of money on them. I found these boots and loved the feel of them and the price! I wear them a lot more than I ever expected and they help keep me warm.

I have tried on many leather jackets in recent years…I get annoyed at how stiff they can be.  I’m sure all moms can relate…we need clothes that you can chase crazy children in.   I  like that I can easily move in this jacket and the color is super cute.  Under my jacket I am wearing one of my favorite base layers because its so cold here. The same goes for my  Jeans !!! I love this style and fit!  They are jeans with just enough leggings mixed in for the perfect fit with some give.  I personally like the high-rise jeans since having kids. I  lean over about 1,000,000 times a day and I really do not want to be worried about pulling my pants up every single time (like I did with low-rise jeans). (Burberry Purse no longer available, so below is a similar one) (earrings)

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  1. savannahwelch says:

    I love this outfit! I have to get his jacket it is perfect!!

    1. Southern Paiges says:

      Thank you! ❤️

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