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Oh my goodness…my son starts Kindergarten this year! Since August 1st I have had a huge knot in my stomach and I know it’s because my first-born is starting a new milestone in life.  So I am putting everything aside this week to make sure that we are as prepared as we can be! If you are finding yourself in the same boat make sure and check out our checklist and back to School ideas!

I am not sure who was more excited about buying school supplies me or my 5-year-old, Ayres.  His favorite part of picking out school supplies was selecting a lunch box, water bottles and backpack. This store has the best selection and makes it easy to have everything personalized.

Lunchbox and Lunchbox gear

This year my son will be wearing uniforms to school. Since our selection is so limited it will be easy for me to pick out all outfits for the week ahead of time. Today I bought a 5-drawer container…one for each day of school . Each bin will have his outfit for the day so in the morning he can grab and go!

Here are some more options for everyday school outfit containers! I searched a long time and read all the reviews and here are the best! I loved the option of the stackable drawers so I could get 5 (one for each day).  Now that I have an outfit in each drawer I am actually going to get one more so I can put any uniform extras in that container.

  • a stackable similar to mine…I actually like this one better!
  • another stackable option
  • if you do not want to stack the drawers…this one is a great option! You could use it for anything.
  • For anyone who wants a set of drawers to go into a cabinet pick this one! 
  • If you want to go the easy amazon route here is a good one!

I want to make sure we don’t forget anything and cover all our bases pretty smoothly prior to his first week so that he feels confident and ready! My son is very social and loves new experiences so I am not worried about him being nervous. One of my biggest worries is that he may start to miss us during the day. So I was more than thrilled that the school wants us to bring a family picture for him to have at school.  They also do allow us to also tape a family picture on the inside lid of his pencil box for his desk. So this weekend we are going to be taking a family picture together doing something he loves. Maybe at the Dinosaur museum.

I hope you enjoyed this post on back to school prep! This post mainly focused on the items needed for specifically school.  For my next blog post I will share with you more ways we are preparing for school at home. Like my sons desk and study space (he absolutely loves it). I will also be sharing our new back to school traditions!!! So make sure to keep checking back. I would love to hear about how your family is preparing for back to school!

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  1. Carmen says:

    I am loving this blog! Helps me out so much with Jaylee! I can’t believe our babies are getting big enough for school!

    1. Southern Paiges says:

      Awe! Thank you that means a lot! I know I can not believe we are already here!

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