Best Gifts Under $50 for Kids!

Thank you for your responses to my last post! I didn’t expect the reaction and sales that I got. I do get a commission on the sales purchased through the links I add. I do not know who purchased them. So a big ole thanks to everyone who did! The money I make though my blog goes right back into it so I can write more posts and review more products. SO I am so thankful to y’all!

Already this season I am getting questions about the best gifts under $50! A few of you even asked this for specific age groups. So since you asked I am going to deliver. I am assuming this is probably due to people setting a $50 limit per person at Christmas. So I created a list of my favs under $50. This post is about best gifts under $50 for kids but I will soon be posting for women and men. Thanks again and enjoy! Feel free to share this post with friends and family if they need some gifting inspiration. (all underlined words are links that take you directly to the items)

kids christmas gifts under $50



  • this is a fun gift! My son wants one so badly! I try to keep in mind that my son needs to be more techno savvy that I ever was at his age. I mean he is in Kindergarten and taking a computer class. So this is a fun gift to get his confidence up in with technology.
  • Speaking of technology…so many kids toys are turning to coding and stem. Now a days you can get toys that are fun but also promote science, technology, engineering and math. Like I said, toys are so much different from the toys I played with at my sons age. How did we go from simple toys like Polly pocket to a kids robot? IDK but I’m jumping on the bandwagon. The other day I listened to a conversation about a girl in elementary school who was creating solar paneled flashlights on her school’s 3D printer.  This was kind of a wake up call for me. Oh snap! So I am more than happy to get my son a stem/coding robot if it helps prepare him for the decisions he will be making in school. This toy won the parents choice awards among many others (listed as a few dollar over $50 for Black Friday/cyber Monday sales, I’m sure it will return to original price soon so act fast). The activity set is sold separately. It’s really cute, so check it out!
  • This toy. Good toy for ages 2-6. Helps with creativity.
  • Like I said in my last post…these are fun for the littles while also promoting strength in their hands.
  • Another Stem toy that people are raving about is this one. It has excellent reviews. Yes, it’s another stem toy…don’t fight it just go with it and jump on the stem/coding bandwagon like me.  Your kid will thank you when they get their college scholarship one day… jk but seriously this toy does look fun.
  • We had one of these and my three-year old loved it! He loved it so much that he decided it wanted to swim so he threw it into a pool…. and that was the end of that toy.  So I wasn’t shocked when he decided he wanted another one. So back on the Christmas list this goes. This interactive toy was voted one of the top toys this year again, made holiday toy list on amazon, and they are out of stock at some stores so if you want this act fast. Lots of cute options for boys and girls and you can collect them. Good for ages 5 and up. Like I said my 3-year-old loves them! But he did throw it into a pool so…
  • New release that we love! Pair this movie with this toy. 
  • this store has really cute kids pajamas and slippers! This is always a great gift and you could pair it with some of the book below! I feel like parents are also thankful for these type of gifts. This combo is also great for a Christmas Eve gift. One of our traditions we started is to give the kids a pair of pajamas, a book, and some hot coco as a small gift on Christmas Eve. If you want to go over the $50 budget also pair with one of their super cute sleeping bags!
  • if you like to give the gift of books, here are the absolute top books in our home! My boys love them and we love to read them to the kids.
    • one of their number one requests and makes them laugh. this one
    • This one is fun and you will get a reaction from the kids.
    • This book may just be one of the sweetest with such a good message!  Its written from a mothers perspective to her child. So any child would love to hear the sweet message. This is actually one of my favorite kids books of all time. Even though the colors are somewhat girly the message is so good and my boys love to hear them. There is one specific quote in this book that struck me really hard as something I want to teach my kids.  This is a book I will always keep. I wasn’t surprised that it had a ton of rave reviews!
    • If you don’t have this book then you are missing out. My kids laugh every time and its a classic.
    • Another one they want me to read over and over.
    • This is a classic that they always love! The end of this book always strikes up a conversation with my three-year old…lol.
  • For the kid who travels a lot. This would be great on a road trip.
  • We travel a lot so these are on the list this year to pair with their iPads. img_5832.jpg

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