Breakfast with Santa

Every year we go to an event called Breakfast with Santa. The event takes place at a  beautiful restaurant downtown near the state capitol. We get to sit and enjoy a nice little family breakfast before making our way upstairs. Upstairs Santa is waiting to take pictures. After pictures we go to another room for arts and crafts, make and decorate an ornament, sugar cookie decorating, and write a letter to Santa. We always have such a fun time making these Christmas memories. One of the nicest things though is that we get all of those fun Christmas activities done on one morning.

I must say that I was quite shocked with how much our 3-year-old talked to Santa! I truly didn’t think he would say a word to him…but I was so wrong. He sat right in santa’s lap and told him everything he wanted and then at one point started to rub the fur on Santa’s costume under his beard. It was hilarious! He really must want those toys.

It was kind of sad that it will be our last year to attend this event since we are moving from Michigan to Arizona in the summer. I guess we will have to find another event to go to.

*******Also at the bottom of the post I linked some of the activities we did at this event so you can do them at home with your kids! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @paigecrawford__ (double underscore after my name). To see my insta-stories from days like this one. *******



Time to go see Santa!


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Next they wrote their letters to Santa. I loved that after the boys wrote the letters to Santa they are mailed off and now we are awaiting our responses that will emailed to us.  They also decorated christmas cookies. Kai ate enough icing and sprinkles to create a sugar rush that seemed to last hours!


I am linking some activities you can do at home with kids if you want to incorporate some of these fun activities into your family Christmas traditions.



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