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As I have mentioned before, I get very excited about each holiday! Having kids makes it so fun to dress up for Halloween! Something that changed my take on Halloween forever is the ultra plush and adorable kids/baby costumes from pottery barn! I love their costumes so much and my children love them too! I do not stress about finding the perfect costume for my kids because I always know I can walk right into pottery barn and will have multiple options that my kids and I love! Β Check out photo below to see my little guy Kai on pottery barn’s website.

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Here are just a few pics from some of our past Pottery Barn Kids costumes.


This next PBK costume was my all-time favorites! Max from Where the Wild Things Are. This costume was a hot commodity, I literally had strangers asking me where I got it and people contacting me to ask where to buy this.


Last year, we went with a African safari theme since my son was set on being Kion the lion, from the Lion Gard. Once we got his Kion Lion costume I went to PBK and found this elephant costume to keep with our theme. I wasn’t surprised that I found a costume to stick with our theme since they always have such a great selection.


Ok, now for the silly costumes. Last year I had already purchased our kids safari costumes and my husband and I could not find a great selection on safari costumes to match. Since we attend a family Halloween Bash every year we decided to dress our family as rednecks. This seemed like the perfect costume since my husband and I are both from Louisiana and living in Michigan. Plus this way we did not have to spend a fortune on new family costumes. One of my favorite parts of our costumes were the “I love momma” tats I drew on my boys arms, Β my husband beer belt, and my 4 year olds pet rat he carried around. I think my husband and I laughed until we cried once everyone was dresses for the party!


Because my husband never takes his Halloween costume very seriously I will never forget the year he waited until the day of our Halloween party to find a costume. On this day most all costumes were gone (at least in the adult section). So he decided to get a costume from the kids section, and he ended up winning best Halloween costume that year! He knew I was going to be a devil so he kept with the theme and purchased a kids dragon costume. He literally had to cut the head and hand portion off just so he could get in it. Hilarious!



  1. Ohhhhh look at how cute he looks – I love Halloween and dressing up. It’s super exciting that shops have lots of costumes ready, I need to buy a new one this year so will enjoy choosing πŸ™‚ Sim x

  2. These are great costume ideas! I fall into the same category as your husband – waiting until the last mintue – but look how well it can work out!

  3. Oh my gosh, your family is adorable! Love all your pictures! It’s funny, my kids are older and I just wrote a blog about how pre-teens and teens can still dress up for Halloween. I went back through their old trick or treating pictures and it made me miss them being little. Your costume ideas are so creative!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s so funny! I will have to check out your post! My boys seem to be growing so quickly right before my eyes that I even look at last years halloween pics and get emotional. Lol. I can’t imagine pre-teens.

  4. I absolutely Love this post!! I love this PBK costumes but nothing can beat the redneck family!!! Y’all are the best!

  5. So glad you are continuing the tradition of having fun dressing up for Halloween. You are very creative and always find cute costumes whether it’s from Pottery Barn Kids for the boys or using your resources. But I do always look forward seeing the new costumes in PBK catalog. Can’t wait to see the boys in their costumes for this Halloween season from PBK!

  6. OMG those are some cute pics. That little elephant one is awesome. My little guy hates wearing his costume so I don’t have any sweet costume pics. Maybe next year!

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