Tortured Soles

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Oh hello, October! Its time to put the flip-flops away and break out the boots! Love getting out my fall footwear.


Ok, so as much as I love my fall footwear I dread the discomfort and blisters that come with it. Have you ever avoided your favorite shoes because they hurt your heels? I find this to be the case with my beloved flats and heels. So there is a new launching product from a company called Tortured Soles.  They sell foot pads that prevent shoe slippage and skin irritation. So I tested them out with a result of NO pain or blisters and I am no longer torn between shoe style and comfort! Yay!

IMG_3291The materials are gentle and will not damage your shoes or clothing. I love that you can easily remove when finished.


These shoes are impossible to wear without the Polka Dot Anti-Slip pad.  They are my size but the back of my ankle rubs with each step. So I placed the polka dot pad on my heel and can walk without any heel slippage or skin irritation.

This anti-slip pad has improved my shoe bravery and the way I shop for shoes.  You can use promo code SOLES for free shipping.  Hope this will give some of my fashionista friends some relief and help you get those painful but cute shoes back out of the closet!

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  1. maebelissima says:

    Ooh great tip! I’ll look for one here in our country. 😊

  2. LOVE these shoes! Such a gorgeous colour. Have to admit my feet always protest when the sandals get put away….

    1. I was in the same boat! Check out their website. Link is in the post. The materials they use are wonderful.

  3. Leah Hall says:

    Need to try these!! Love the pictures!!!

  4. aqsagaba says:

    Also want to try this I don’t like heels shoe but after reading this I wanna try it.

    1. Its so nice to walk around in shoes you love without the pain. Go for it. Thanks!

  5. Savannah Welch says:

    I can’t wait to get some of these! I have so many shoes that are miserable but so pretty! Thank you for the great advice !!

    1. You are so welcome! You will love them! 💕

  6. It’s so great to hear that our products can help you wear these hot pumps! Thanks so much for the awesome feedback!

    1. Love your products! Thank you so much!

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