Thanksgiving Table

Every year my thanksgiving table is somewhat plain and nothing to remember. The reason for this is more than likely that I forget thanksgiving decor all together and jump straight into Christmas.  This year I am channeling my inner Martha Stewart and decided to create a turkey table to remember.  The colors this fall that are catching my eye the most are all the plums, Burgundy, and cranberry shades. So that was the inspiration for my table top.


I used these pottery barn napkins I already had and had them monogrammed with the silhouette of a turkey. I know I know…its adorable.  Next, I pulled out my Vera Wang china for a closer look at what colors would match for my table setting.


My table is a dark stained wood.  I kept things light with this light grey table cloth from Meijers grocery store. This makes all the difference. Honestly, this is the first time I have ever bought a table cloth and I kind of loved it.


Because I always go nuts with my christmas decor I kept my budget small for thanksgiving decor. These placements are also from Meijer at just a few dollars a piece. I loved the Burberry style and the grocery store price.


I used these plum napkins for the heads of the table to change it up a little. I try to always incorporate a little something special on the table for holidays. I added a little fun to the table with these fancy chocolates.  They turned out pretty spectacular…and yummy and I loved adding a little something extra for kicks (future blog post spoiler alert…my Christmas table treat is pretty awesome too).


I have an empty corner in the dining area. So I put this ottoman in the space with a cozy blanket and pillows to match the space. It was something I just threw together but it completely changed the space and added some extra seating.

corner space


To keep things warm and inviting I also make sure to step up my lighting.  Improve the ambiance with real candles on the table. Personally, I love candles throughout the space.  My guest always go nuts for my favorite faux flickering candles (in the background). My dinner parties/holiday parties always have a bit of soft music and maybe even some fun dinner games and icebreakers.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to go around and table to find out what everyone is thankful for.  Oh and don’t forget the wine or a fun themed party drink.



tg1Hope you enjoyed my thanksgiving table! This year I am especially thankful for all of my readers and blog followers. Thank you for all the kind posts, messages, collaborations and emails.  I am so truly thankful.  Hope you have a happy thanksgiving while wining and dining with family and friends.