Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Christmas has always been my “thing”.  Every year I put my time and energy into decorating my home, make gingerbread houses, etc….. and I always put quite a bit of time to pick out Christmas gifts.  So this post is my Christmas gift giving guide! Y’all, I am really excited about this one!!! Hope you enjoy.


(top express) (decor – pottery barn)

Online boutiques may have beautiful pieces but can make for difficult decision-making. What if the material is not soft? What size clothing should I order? Will my order be prompt? Well, I found a company that personally took all those worries away.  This company is April Marin! April Marin is a one size fits all shop for shawls, wraps, ponchos, sweaters and scarfs.  So no worries on sizes when buying gifts!!!!

jord april


( Shawl – April Marin, Boots – Express, Pants- Nordstrom, Shirt – Express, Watch – JORD, Purse – Burberry, Earrings )

This next item is actually one of my favorite clothing pieces this year! I had no idea I would love it this much but I do! This item is the City Ruffle Shawl (hunter green). This shawl is the CLOSET MUST HAVE I have been missing! You can wear it many different ways and it looks and feels so good.  This is a perfect buy for the stylish, cozy-loving, traveler.  This is a GOLD STAR find!  Check out the site to see the various colors.

april scarf

scarf for blog

(April Marin’s Boulder Infinity Scarf, shirt/jeans, watch – JORD)

Another fun and stylish item is the Boulder Infinity Scarf.  This scarf keeps you warm  without sacrificing style…and its oh so soft and never stiff because of the quality of the materials. A scarf is a perfect gift to give that can last years!

lip sense

(Lip sense, Mug – Chip and Joanna’s Target line called Hearth & Hand)

( Lip Sense – pictured is blu-red with glossy gloss top layer, Shirt )

I put lipstick on in the morning and its usually gone in less than an hour. Lets face it I kiss my two boys like a million times a day so lipstick doesn’t stand a chance. However, lip sense has cracked the code on long-lasting lip wear and it seriously lasts from morning until night!!!  If you are just starting out I would recommend ordering more of a neutral at first. My favorite neutrals are First Love, Apple Cider and Bravo. Also, you need the kit that includes a gloss, a color of your choice and the Ooops remover. Lip Sense is sold through distributors. Don’t have one? You can use mine! Click here to order your Lip Sense with Laura at Lips Galore. Let her know that Southern Paige sent you and get 5% off! She is awesome!

Also if you like the coffee and hott chocolate mug above you can find it at Target. The mug is from Chip and Joanna’s Target line called Hearth & Hand.


I love getting jewelry for Christmas.  With all the jewelry options out there I tend to really love the pieces that are unique. Earth Grace is a handmade jewelry company that makes its pieces right here in the US.  There are a lot of beautiful colors and styles to choose from. This is a company where if you buy one you are going to want more pieces from their collection. I know I would be grateful for any of these beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry.


This next gift is literally the gift that keeps on giving and I have used it multiple times a week for years!!!! I am talking about Clarisonic’s Mia. Clarisonic Mia 1 Skin Perfecting Starter Holiday Gift SetMia is a power scrubbing-brush system for your face.  This brush removes dirt and oils off your face 6x’s better than washing your face with soap and water alone.  I literally won’t go more than 3-4 days without using it.


Poms!!! Poms are another trendy item this year. Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket with big fuzzy poms on it? This blanket is super soft, fairly priced but has a stylish look to it.  You could also pair it with some slippers, bath bomb, popcorn, wine and/or a good newly released movie for the ULTIMATE relaxing/cozy gift. As a busy mom I know this type of gift is always appreciated.



Hope you loved my gift giving guide! As far as gift wrapping, I usually buy 3-4 different pattered wrapping paper rolls with the same colors/theme.  This year’s theme is winter animals for the kids gifts (with a bit of shimmer) and elegant pinks and silvers for other gifts. For that extra touch I sometimes tie an ornament to the ribbon of the gift.  Especially if it is an ornament that made me think of the particular person I am giving a gift to. My wrapping paper shown above is from Michael’s and Target. I would love to hear some more gift suggestions for products you love or refuse to live without. Happy Holidays!!!!

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  1. Savannah Welch says:

    Love all of these amazing ideas!!

    1. Thank you !!!!!

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    Amazing blog!! Love all of your ideas! You have amazing taste!!

    1. Thanks, Carmen!

  3. hdsears1 says:

    My clarisonic just recently broke and I must have a new one!!!! Great gift guide

    1. Oh no! Yes, a new one is a must!

  4. What a great list! So many fantastic ideas!

  5. This is such a “cosy” list! I love it. 🙂 My favourites are the mug and pom blanket – so cute!

    1. Thanks! Glad you loved it. The blanket is on sale today for just over $18. Have a nice day!

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    These are all great gift ideas! And beautifully styled photos!!

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  7. Thanks for the great gift ideas! This is an idea I am trying to spread this holiday season. If you like it, please share it. Thanks, Rita

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      Thanks! Ok I’ll check it out thanks!

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