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We traveled quite a bit this Christmas. So I decided to show you what I packed in my travel bag! Also, since I travel with kids (most of the time alone, since my husband is in residency) I will also include some of my favorite kids travel items!


Prep prep prep! I can’t say it enough! I love traveling, but I don’t like feeling unprepared…especially when with my kids. So I feel as if I have mastered the necessities for travel.  For this trip, I used a tote bag as my travel bag.  Now that my boys are older I do not need the diaper bag with all the compartments. I like that this bag is open for easy grab and go.


Ok, so I can’t even imagine traveling without some soft of a throw or blanket. I really do not like to get cold (weird since I live in Michigan). Anyway, keep it small if you plan on flying.  This throw is the perfect size and cozy too, if you are into options here is another one I just LOVE!!!

Between winter, sick season and constantly washing and sanitizing my hands with travel…I get dry hands so I hook this on my bag and I am good to go. Check out this holiday pack to go with it, this is just genius!!  I also hook a purel container on my bag for easy clean hands. While we are talking clean…I am a germ freak with travel so I always bring a small travel pack of Clorox wipes to wipe the plane seats, trays and arm rails off with.

I bring my iPad on every trip. I always download a few books, music and listen with my BEATS. I love them!!! They are a really comfortable fit on my ears and the sound is great quality. I also recommend a long charging cord for travel, you never know where you may have to charge up. I like this one for its durable braided nylon cord. I also take a charger, in case of airport delays.

Getting around the airport. This is an important one for me, since I am usually the only adult with our two little wild monkeys. I use a double stroller. The airport can be tough on a stroller so I bought an extra “just for travel” stroller. I recommend not using a side by side stroller as this may not maneuver well at the airport. I do not think I would ever travel by plane alone with my boys if I did not have the double stroller. If you have a baby don’t forget the baby carrier! When my boys were babies I used the baby Bjorn and love it. ***Please note, I found out this trip that if you travel with American Airlines your stroller must be under 20 lbs!!!! I was one unhappy momma when they told me this while I was checking my bags.  Maybe I should have read their stroller policy. My stroller is a basic double stroller and it was slightly over 20lbs. So they made me check it to my final destination. I was REALLY upset about this since it was just me with both boys. I have traveled with Southwest and Delta using this same exact stroller, at many airports, and was never told that I can not bring it through the airport. Lesson learned the hard way. (Adding to this post: Big ole thanks to Delta! On our way home we flew home with Delta and had no issues bringing our double stroller through the airport).


(this is his new “go to” pose…lol. pants )

My boys are 2 and 4 so I let them bring their own backpack each.  From this particular store I like that I have the option to buy the Pre-K size for my 2-year-old and the Small for my 4-year-old. They get super excited about this!!!! I do not tell them what is in the bag and I usually pack a few new surprises. It keeps them happy and distracted. Mommy for the win!!! In their backpacks I always put I-pad, a few action figures, special surprise that is new and this awesome toy! Incase they get cold I also pack them this blanket because its light, easy to carry and my personal favorite!!! Another reason I love their blankets is because of the many options and colors they have.  I always bring gum for me and suckers and or a fruit snack bites for my boys to help adjust to the change in altitude.  Last thing, my boys also each get their own neck pillow. I hook it on to their backpack and they usually keep up with them pretty well.



Special thanks to some pretty awesome Dallas Police officers. While putting our bags in the car in the parking garage of Dallas airport, some police officers stopped when they saw my 4 year old waving at them. They gave us a big ole Welcome to Dallas and let my boys sit in their patrol SUV and turn on the lights and siren. They also gave him a tour of where the “lawbreakers” go. Both my boys were thrilled!!!  Just to go the extra mile they asked if I needed any help installing my sons booster seat or loading up my bags. I kinda love running into such nice people!!!

If you do not fly much and are having trouble figuring out what to pack…remember less is more! I also always pack one extra set of pants, underwear and shirt for my boys just in case. That actually came in handy one trip. Hope you got some good information out of this! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and safe travels to those still traveling!!!! Stay tuned for my next post to find out where we stayed in Dallas! If was beautiful!!!!!

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