Favorite Products For My Nightly Routine

Here is a list of my favorite nightly routine products. I want to feel like my best self as much as possible.  I came to the realization that if I go to bed feeling good and a little pampered that when I wake up I am happier and a little more eager to get ready for my day.  So here are some things I have been incorporating into my nightly routine. Oh and see who I partnered up with for a giveaway!

Keeping my teeth pearly white! It’s been over 10 years since I had my teeth professionally whitened.  I have really been noticing the difference, especially since I drink coffee daily.  I have done some maintenance with various whitening strips but have not achieved the total white smile I was wanting. So I gave Smile Brilliant a try and here are my results…

Image 1-14-18 at 12.11 AM

Image 1-14-18 at 12.21 AM

Image 1-13-18 at 10.10 PM

Before (Left) After (Right)

When I took my before pics I thought my teeth looked like a pretty good shade of white. Now that I have used Smile Brilliant I am kind of shocked at how yellow my teeth looked before. I am happy with my results and I feel like I have a more confident smile.How it works. The smile brilliant kit includes to make your exact dental impressions. You make the impression (it was super easy and kinda fun) and place them in a shipping envelope they give you. I dropped mine off at a drop box and within less than a week I got my custom fitted whitening trays.

Once you have your dental impressions you take the whitening gel and apply it to the custom fitted trays. Wear it 20 mins or so and remove. Then I repeated this process with the desensitizing gel to avoid tooth sensitivity. So its super easy and little to no mess.   My favorite part about smile brilliant (other than having super white teeth) are the dental impression trays.  I love that they are specific to my teeth.  This allows the whitening gel to cover my whole tooth so there is an even whitening look. The whitening strips I have used in the past  seemed to only whiten my teeth in the front of my mouth.   I also noticed that there were always a few missed areas. With Smile Brilliant I get to choose where to put the whitening gel. So I applied it to my whole tray and got the total whitened look I wanted with no more missed areas.  Customer service was excellent also. They answered any and all questions with excellent customer service.   So if you want a beautiful smile this is a great way to get it!  EXCITING NEWS!!!

Image 2-7-18 at 2.11 PM

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Something else I have incorporated into my nightly routine… anti aging products.  You can never be too prepared for wrinkles. My favorite is this nighttime moisturizer .  It is a bit of a splurge but the bottle lasts a long time since I only apply a small amount at night. I also love this companies face wash because it makes my face feel hydrated and silky.  I use multiple products from this line but these are the ones I do not want to live without.

If you read my blogs you will find a theme…I love cozy stuff! So here are a few pajamas that I love!

I wear slippers all the time so they are defiantly part of my nightly routine.  Tonight I am wearing some similar to these, and I love them!!! Here are a few slippers that are on my wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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