My Favorite Beauty Products

One of the most common questions I get is about beauty products. So this post is all about my beauty favs with the direct links! A perk is that if you are a beauty insider you get 10% off today.  I have quite a bit of beauty products but these are the ones I use daily and take with me when traveling and such.

I Start out with washing my face and using the below line. It is super pricy but it keeps my skin really hydrated. I notice too much of a negative difference when I switch to something cheaper. The face wash is very light and smooth and is affordable.

Contouring can take quite some time. I do not have time to do this everyday but I do like to highlight my features… so that’s why I love these two! This is literally the easiest and fastest way to do it. I use the concealer (in the color alabaster) under my eyes and sometimes apply a slight amount to the bridge of my nose. The bronzing stick  (in the color RUM) I apply to my cheek bone along where a natural shadow would be. I love this because I feel like it brightens up my face and only takes a second to apply and blend into my makeup. Sometimes I also apply the bronzer to the top of my forehead and just blend it in. Contour/highlighting is done in less than 1 minute so that makes me happy. Below is a pic that shows where I apply the bronze before blending. You really do not need much and it will blend with a natural look.

This picture below I have on this foundation, the concealer (color- alabaster)and bronzing stick. (Color- rum). I do not use much of these products. The quality is good so you do not need much. My next step would be to apply a little pink/shimmer blush to tie everything together with some color. I use this brush since it is portable.

Some of the other products pictured that I use are this blush! I love this powered bronzer for summer time. And when I just want a little bit of color and sparkle I use this. You can even use it on chest and shoulders for the sun kissed look.

For my eyes I have been using this palette for years! It lasts forever and it makes it easy to blend colors. I then apply this eyeliner. I use a cheaper eyeliner and spend more money on the things that really matter like the quality of my foundation. The best brow pen I have found so far is this one! It’s light and has a natural color. Last but not least I use this amazing mascara! I feel like my face looks less alive without it. This mascara give your lashes extra curl and length without the clumps.

In the summer I always try to make an effort to apply some SPF. This is one I like because it is in a powder form. I am always trying new products so I will continue to post my beauty favs on my blog. Check it daily to see my favs!

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