Last year I had a hard time finding a summer bag I liked. This year I am having a hard time finding one I don’t like… I am loving the beachy vibes incorporated by the straw materials. So in this post I am talking all about the summer bags I purchased and the ones I want!

These are newly released beach tote and purses. If you have been following me on Instagram and watch my Insta story daily you know that I continuously post on sales, the newest trending items and try to predict if it will be a “sell out quickly” type of item. So far I have been 100% accurate with my predictions. So buy quickly if you like any of these four! If you want to know the best items before they sell out make sure and check my profile in app and follow me. My account profile is Southern Paiges. I also post daily updates on Instagram’s Insta story.

I am in love with this palm tote below! One is over $200 and the other is in the $50 range.

If you are looking for a chic summer vibes bag with excellent quality and easy to clean here you go.

Here are some more that are giving me all the beach warm and fuzzy feels!

If you are wanting to keep to a more traditional summer look here are some of my absolute favorites and every single one of them is on my wish list!

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    1. Haha. Me too! If you click the picture it will take you straight to the link to purchase. 😉 I have a few of these but I want them all!

  1. Straw bags are everywhere this season and it’s with good reason — they have such a summer feel to them and can easily make a great summer outfit feel like you’re down to go to the beach at any point in time. And who doesn’t want that right?!

    Lovely post! x


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