Christmas Gifting (the good stuff)




Here ya go! Here are some of my favs as far as Christmas gifts. I divided them into categories to make it easiest. Thank y’all for shopping my links! I love seeing that so many items off my blog are being purchased and it costs you nothing extra.  My goal is to help you out as much as possible. Happy Shopping!

My personal favorites.


We got one of these last Christmas and my husband and I use it all the time! If you ever play music from your phone speaker….stop. The sound from this speaker is amazing! Its blue tooth and it is chargeable. So no cords needed when using it. I have three other speakers from nice brands and this one is the best.

This is something that I use everyday and sometimes twice a day. I got one for my birthday almost 5 years ago and I would say that its one of those things that I feel like I will always NEED in my home. If you have an indoor pet or young kids its a game changer! So make sure and buy this for that special someone who could use a break in cleaning from cleaning all the time or put it at the top of your wishlist.


I love this yeti cooler! If my husband gets one I am sure I will steal it all the time. It will keep your items cold for such a long time. You can’t go wrong with this or their cups. My husband and I use them everyday.

This jacket is the best! It is keeping us so warm during these Michigan winters. I say we because after I saw how good my husbands was…he got me one too!


These were listed as one of the best selling fashion products last year and this year I am pretty sure it is still in the running. I just ordered a pair yesterday. I will let you know how I feel about them. But they are selling out very fast. Pretty much they are dressing leggings you can dress up or down.


Ok so right now I am using this, this, and this. They are pricey but my skin needed a little pick me up. I read all the reviews on the products and they were so good. This is something I use overtime after I wash my face. I am seeing the improvement I was hoping for. So then I took it an extra step and started using this!!!! This is my favorite face lotion I have ever tried. It is so hydrating but not greasy. It is expensive but I can 100% say that the hydration it gives your skin lasts minimum 2 days. Using both of the above with this is giving my face and neck a younger look and feel.  I am seeing a major difference. So to me it is worth it! So I would include this under best products I used in 2018!

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