Holiday Travel

If you are like me you are preparing all your holiday travel plans right now. Whether you are traveling or have close family traveling this Christmas…it can get stressful. Here are some of my favorite products I like to travel with. The key is to make everything a little easier on yourself, especially if you are traveling with kids. Speaking of travel with kids… Some of the products in this post are for kids but I Have an entire post written out for traveling with children though the airport. Oh and remember…if you are traveling via airport this Christmas, make sure and arrive at the airport earlier than you usually would. Crazy busy airports mean longer security lines. Enjoy!

Also keep in mind that if you order quickly most of these items could be in before Christmas! So this has some great options as last-minute Christmas gift for the traveler in your life. Or if you know someone who will be traveling to see you, send them an item before they leave. It will help make the trip a little better.

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Top Row:   Organizer,    Kids Speakers,    Travel backpack

Row 2:       Leopard Pillow, (just ordered this one!!!)   Go PRO,      Portable charger, (I keep   my portable charger with me overtime I travel!)   Eyes (These are fun! Check them out to see what the smell like)

Row 3:   Tags,     Headphones,    Lips (great nude lip color!!!)

Row 4:   Tennis shoes,     Toiletry organizers

Row 5:  Hoodie Pillow,  Travel foot rest, (This is a great option for those traveling with kids.)     Hydrating face mist (my favorite. It smells so good!)

Just a few more fun travel items!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Safe travels! 


One more of my favorites are these tennis shoes! I bring them on most of my trips because they are so comfortable. Click here for the direct link to shop. 

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